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                                        WELCOME TO THE PRESENCE TO BASA  

                      Good fortune shines on our lives as awareness and education is offered.

     Once the premier surrogate partner Bay area training, support and education group located in San Francisco, we've returned to bring forth awareness, education and change for the better. Organized from 1985 through 1997, BASA is back to continue our contribution to positive sexual self-esteem and true sexual healing!

     In 1981, Barbara Read pioneered a specific training for women and men who would become 'Body Therapists.' This became the model for sexual surrogate partner therapy in the San Francisco Bay area. Barbara graduated from Radcliffe College in Cambridge, Massachusetts and worked at the Center for Sexual Studies as a 'Change Agent Counselor' in Hartford, Connecticut. Due to seeing many clients suffering from a dysfunctional sex life or no sex life at all, she was chosen to attend the SAR - Sexual Attitude Restructuring program offered at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. She obtained her degree during that time as Doctorate of Human Sexuality.

     The sexual revolution of the late 1970's and early '80's and the open-minded and intelligent atmosphere of San Francisco created the right environment to bring forth a direct body approach to sexual counseling. Barbara's program was inspired by Hartman and Fithian and the extensive work of Masters and Johnson. M and J, as they were known in the field of sex therapy, began working with surrogate partners, usually nurses, to assist married men by teaching and coaching them directly through a hands-on approach. This came to be called Sensate Focus Therapy or Sexual Surrogate Partner Therapy.

    All valid surrogate partner therapy includes working with a verbal therapist, preferably a qualified sex therapist. The client works with the verbal therapist for a period of time in which past traumas, unresolved childhood issues, intimacy concerns and social-sexual dysfunctions are discussed until the client reaches a comfortable level of communication. If the client is unable to find an appropriate partner to be intimate with, then a surrogate partner is brought into the therapeutic and healing process. It is this triad that sets the Work apart from any other sexuality counseling, teaching, coaching or intimacy work with clients.

     Through teaching, counseling, coaching and therapy, we help clients to heal from past wounds that have created some sort of dysfunction in their ability to create intimate relationships. The therapy is called brief therapy because there is a sequence of steps to progress through, mastering awareness and communication skills. Relaxation, learning receptivity and non-demand touching are the foundations of surrogate partner body therapy, always working in conjunction with a qualified verbal therapist or sex therapist.
     My Training came about in a serendipity way! I was completing my thesis for my Bachelor's degree at the New College of California in 1985. I had been teaching Chuluaquai-Quodoushka for a few years and was convinced this was the best sex therapy for anyone. For my course completion I needed to compare and contrast different methods of viable sex therapies. 
I took the Sexual Attitude Restructuring program from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. The SAR was required by Dr. Read in order to continue to study surrogate partner body therapy training.  She was assisted by Cheryl Cohen (now Cheryl Cohen-Greene) who taught me and the other trainees how to set up our home office and handle financial arrangements. Barbara taught us the hands-on techniques of relaxation, sensate focus exercises, body image work, sensuous bathing, social-sexual communication skills and intimacy touch for pleasure or what is usually called non-demand touch.

     In the teachings and traditions of Chuluaquai-Quodoushka coming through the lineages of the Mayan, Toltec and Mixed Blood Cherokees, Rites of Passage ceremonies are a part of ‘normal’ life. When a child goes into puberty, a ceremony is performed. The child is received back into the tribe as an adult. As a young adult, they are expected to understand sexual values and activities associated with intimacy and relationships. An older person chosen by a council of grandmothers was appointed to each young adult to teach and coach sexual experiences. Because sexual life force energy ignites a fire from within, these trained and sensitive people were called FireWomen or FireMen.
     When I heard these teachings I thought back to my first sexual experience and what little education I had received. I actually thought
 a woman would only become pregnant if she was married and the union had been sanctioned by God. I knew I wanted and needed to bring back the sexual rites of passage ceremonies for the sake of coming generations. Surrogate Partner Body Therapy was the closest to FireWoman traditions. However, all clients were in such a dysfunctional state that I was only able to work from the western medical model perspective. Sometimes 'over-age' virgins came into therapy and their progress was truly a rite of passage.
     As in the movie, 'The Sessions,' the story is about a disabled 
person who does not want to die a virgin so he works with a surrogate partner. The movie does not depict the true succession of sessions with a surrogate partner as there are 10 to 14 steps in the healing therapy model. Clothes do not come off in the first session. Many aspects of deep relaxation are taught along with individual body caresses, such as a hand, a foot, a face, a back, before any undressing occurs. Erotic touch is certainly not the focus of the Work. Erotic energy comes naturally when a person feels comfortable in their own skin and can communicate their needs, wants and desires.

     I gained my Masters in Counseling Psychology degree from the University of San Francisco. I started working as a Massage Therapist in 1982 and received extensive training in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Re-Evaluation Counseling. Throughout the past decade, I have continued my Work and increased my experiences of sexual healing through studying shamanic ceremonies, LightWork therapies, addiction recovery counseling and guiding apprentices through Rite of Passages including fulfilling their Sacred Dream. I taught a Healing Arts Mystery School for 10 years.
     I worked as a sexual surrogate body therapist with some of the most renowned sex therapists of the greater Bay area of California. Their education came through the Ph.D. program at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality located in San Francisco, California. My deepest respect and regards for their Work as the verbal therapist. Their extensive education and compassion is what made my Work with clients successful

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