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The Heart of a Teacher


Surrogate Partner Body Therapy works in four main ways when a verbal therapist cannot move forward with their client. First, each session is like a diagnostic tool because the interactions with the surrogate partner model how the client will be able to engage with another person. Yes, the set-up of the client - therapist role is a safe boundary and that is why this therapy works.

Secondly, each session with the surrogate partner helps the client to build social-sexual skills by discussing feelings and negotiating intimacy choices.

Thirdly, in a progression of a step by step process, like learning a dance, the client builds on his or her emotional development. If issues arise, then the verbal therapist is the one who works through the issues with the client.

Fourthly, through the therapeutic alliance with the surrogate partner the client is learning a model for relating and connecting on a deep feeling level as there is always safety within the setting of the surrogate partner's home office. This results in a client understanding closure in a good way and transforming the skill set to be put to use outside the alliance with the surrogate partner. It is up to the verbal therapist to assist the client in putting all the teachings to good use - to be intimate with a chosen partner.

When we learn the art of 
healing touch, we connect and experience each other's essence!
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