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Teachings and Training from the Presence and Heart of a Teacher: 
the Surrogate Partner Body Therapist

eachings and Trainings

If you would like to become a qualified sexual surrogate partner, I offer a Course for learning the step by step process
in working with clients and therapists. I think the optimum age for doing this Work is from 30- late 40's although I am open to
interviewing people of all ages. I am very honest and authentic in my discussions with you!

I've spent over 20 years in my fulfilling Work as a Sexual Surrogate Partner Body Therapist.
For 10 years I worked in the South Bay of California.
I've worked with renowned sex therapists and had a supervisor that was always present for me.
I have travelled and seen clients that where in great need of this kind of help and therapy.

Every client is in a hopeful, healing process: awakened and alive, the natural birthright of each individual!

In my Practice, usually, my clients went through a 10 to 14 step process that included a thorough sex history, relaxation techniques, awareness of touch both given and received, sensate focus exercises, hugging modalities that lead to sensuous undressing, good communication skills throughout the entire session and finding a natural rhythm for the client to find his or her own physical intimacy approach.

My Course includes literature awareness, comfort with one's body, and a caring, engaging awareness of another's wounds and afflictions.
Throughout the Course, you will learn many aspects of sexuality that bring about the ability to make a deep connection with the heart of the client and in that way, you naturally become attracted to each other. Attraction is based on many subtle vibrations varying between the scent of a person to the electrical vibration of each human body, to responding to what is needed and what can be given.  

The Work, attending to the Course, as a Dance of Life!

The Course involves real time physical training and exchanges, small group process, journaling, individual counseling to understand your own inner Work and Ethics education.

Learning to be a sexual surrogate partner body therapist is not for everyone but the Course work is important for all as a form of sex education that is not currently a part of America's educational system.

Weekends will be the timing of the Course Work. I prefer teaching on or near the New Moon of each month. Depending on the size of the group, this will determine how many weekends are necessary for completion.

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